2020 Toyota Supra Side View of Gray Exterior

How Fast Can the 2020 Toyota Supra Go 0-60 MPH?

The Toyota Supra is synonymous with speed, style, and success. This sports car looks fantastic, drives even better, and sells like no one’s business. While there are countless reasons to get excited about the new 2020 Supra, many Toyota drivers are smitten with the 0-60 mph time. So, just how fast can the 2020 Toyota Supra go 0-60 mph? We have everything you need to know, so keep on reading!

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What is the 2020 Toyota Supra Top Speed?

In just a little more than four seconds—4.1 seconds, to be exact—the 2020 Toyota Supra can go 0-60 mph. This is made possible by a state-of-the-art turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine that can produce up to 335 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. But what is the 2020 Toyota Supra top speed? The top track speed of the 2020 Supra will be electronically limited to 155 mph for various safety reasons. That said, we don’t expect anyone to not be satisfied by these power ratings and performance specs.

2020 Toyota Supra Side View of Red Exterior

2020 Toyota Supra Rear View of Red Exterior

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Test Drive a 2020 Toyota Supra

We were happy to answer your questions about the 2020 Toyota Supra power ratings and performance specs. Now that you know how fast the 2020 Toyota Supra can go 0-60 mph, you’re probably thinking about taking one out for a test drive. Sadly, you’ll have to wait until the Supra arrives in our showroom in Summer 2019. Until then, we’d be happy to take you out for a spin in another new Toyota vehicle from our extensive inventory. As soon as you know which one you’d like to call your own, schedule a test drive with us. Or, if you have any further questions about the Supra, feel free to contact us today. We hope to serve you sometime soon.

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