Check Out the 2020 Toyota Prius Colors

2020 Toyota Prius Exterior Color Options and Interior Design 

There are a lot of exciting things to enjoy when it comes time to buy a new car. Of course, sometimes the most fun comes from just choosing something simple for your new vehicle, like the paint color. 

Remember when you were a kid and the color of your toys of anything else you got was so important? Well, sometimes it’s fine to enjoy that fun of color selection again when you buy your next vehicle. And, if you’re looking at taking home the 2020 Toyota Prius, you have a wide range of exterior colors to choose from. 

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The following colors are available for the 2020 Prius: 

  • Electric Storm Blue 
  • Blizzard Pearl 
  • Classic Silver Metallic 
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic 
  • Midnight Black Metallic 
  • Supersonic Red 
  • Sea Glass Pearl 
prius in electric storm blue
prius in blizzard pearl

2020 Prius Interior Fabric Selection 

Inside the Prius, you also have a few options to choose from. These will vary depending on which trim level you choose, but on the entry level model, you can get Black or Moonstone fabric seats. 

On other trim levels, your options consist of Black Softex® trim, Moonstone Softex® trim or Harvest Beige Softex® trim. Exterior color availability may also vary by trim level. But either way, it’s clear that you have some exciting options available to you in order to express your own personal style in the 2020 Toyota Prius. 

There is a lot more to get excited about with this car, so if you’re interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also be sure to check back to our website blog, where we will update you on all the latest Toyota news. Until then, happy driving!