If you graduated this year, you accomplished an incredible feat

July 13th, 2020 by

Steve Serra Auto Group Congratulates 2020 Graduates
Under the best of circumstances, getting through school is filled with challenges. Throw in a global viral pandemic and completing one’s studies can be all but impossible. The staff at Steve Serra Auto Group wants to congratulate everyone who graduated in 2020. In addition to handling the normal trials and tribulations that come with getting your education, you managed to reach the finish line during an unprecedented time in our nation’s history. Having to shift from traditional in-class learning to an online forum or any other method for attending school would be a struggle for anyone. Your dedication to making yourself better and preparing for your future needs to be applauded and our team at our family of dealerships wants to lead the way.

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Nobody can be sure what the future holds. The only thing that we can know for sure is that things are going to be very different for a long time. To be very sure, that is a terrifying thought and that it is one shared by just about everybody. But our own life experience can tell graduates this much, if you can surmount these challenges, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. In the grand history of graduation speeches, speakers like to pull from American poet Robert Frost – and for good reason. However, we thought this partial line from his poem “A Servant to Servants” is especially applicable to the class of 2020:

“…the best way out is always through.”
Regardless of what your next steps in life maybe, whether you’re moving on to more school or jumping right into the job market, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to reflect on this moment in history. This period in our lives is the kind of event that will be covered in history books. Remember how you felt. Remember how people came together to help their neighbors in need. Above all else, take the time to thank the people who lent their hands to you when you stumbled and be sure to pay that kindness and compassion forward.

Once again, congratulations to every single graduate in the class of 2020. Everyone working at a Steve Serra Auto Group can’t wait to see how you leave your mark on this world.