5 Reasons to Buy Used

June 29th, 2022 by

5 Reasons to Buy Used 

Looking for a new vehicle? While there are definitely some perks to buying brand new, straight off the showroom floor, there’s a lot to be said for purchasing a used car.

If you’re in the market for used cars near Decatur, AL, we’d love to show you our wide range of options. In the meantime, here are five of the greatest benefits to buying used.

Why Buy Used?

1. You get more options. New car dealerships are often restricted to the latest models and are typically focused on selling from a single manufacturer. Used car inventories on the other hand tend to have a much richer selection of makes and models and years. So, if you’re looking for a model that’s been discontinued, or simply prefer a car from a few years ago, or just aren’t positive what you want yet, then shopping used is the perfect fit.

2. You’ll get more bang for your buck. Simply put, used cars cost a fraction of their original sticker price. This means your auto-buying buck stretches even further, allowing you to spring for higher trim levels or premium features.

3. You don’t have to worry about depreciation. It’s not uncommon for new cars to depreciate 30-40% over the course of the first year. With used cars, you really don’t have to worry about that level of depreciation, and if you keep an eye out, you can get a really fantastic deal on a used car from the current or previous model year.

4. You’ll pay less in insurance. Your insurance rates are based on a number of different factors, but the most significant one is the value of the vehicle. As such, buying used often translates into great savings on your monthly insurance premiums.

5. You can seek CPO options. Certified pre-owned vehicles provide tremendous savings and come with robust manufacturer-backed warranties as well as factory-trained technician vehicle inspections. Simply put, CPO programs allow you to save money on your next vehicle purchase while also reducing risk in the short and long term.

Search for Used Cars Near Decatur, AL

Ready to take advantage of all these used car benefits? We’d love to show you the excellent, diverse used car inventory we maintain here in Decatur. Start shopping online today or come on by to get behind the wheel and join us for a test drive.

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