Will Toyota Entune work with the Apple Watch?

Will Toyota Entune Work with the Apple Watch?

Toyota Entune and Apple Watch

Car applications and integrated touch screens are still relatively new in the world of automakers. Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto have yet to be refined and have also been highly anticipated by tech fans. Toyota’s Entune mobile application debuted back in 2012. This application can be downloaded on an iOS or Android smartphone to run apps like iHeartRadio and Pandora on your Toyota touchscreen. Instead of struggling with your smartphone, you can just use your favorite apps directly on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Consumers are now asking, will Toyota Entune work with the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch and Toyota Entune

Speculation begins about the Toyota Entune

The Toyota Entune system will be here to stay. It has garnered praise from both critics and consumers. It is widely considered to be the premier app-based integrated systems available in cars. Toyota just revealed a RAV4 Hybrid crossover SUV to go along with the legendary and ever-expanding lineup of Prius vehicles. We are truly living in a golden age of technology. Now, that technology is making its way into our vehicles.Will the Toyota Entune work with the Apple Watch?

Whether or not the Apple Watch will work Toyota Entune is remained to be seen. We can speculate that the Toyota Entune app could update for Apple Watch integration. Toyota’s ability to quickly update an app that is available to all of its Entune users is a good sign. Other automakers that do not really on a dedicated app to deliver multimedia to car owners might have a more difficult time dealing with the Apple Watch.

We have seen a few concept videos from fans as to how automakers might use the Apple Watch. However auto decide to integrate the Apple Watch will be very interesting. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has mentioned that he would like to see the Apple Watch replaced a key fob.

Serra Toyota will certainly be following any updates that pertain to the Toyota Entune system and the Apple Watch.