2019 Toyota C-HR Overhead View of Blue Flame Exterior

2019 Toyota C-HR commercial ‘Lady in the Window’ song name and artist

What’s the song from the 2019 Toyota C-HR commercial?

As many of our loyal customers already know, Toyota recently rolled out the 2019 C-HR. What you may not know, however, is that the automaker also launched an ad campaign for the revolutionary SUV. For instance, one of the more popular commercials thus far is called ‘Lady in the Window.’ While the video already has received plenty of attention, not all of it is focused on the C-HR. Rather, a lot of people have been asking about the 2019 Toyota C-HR commercial ‘Lady in the Window’ song name and artist. That’s right, they love the song and can’t wait to hear it again! So, without any further ado, what’s the song from the 2019 Toyota C-HR commercial?

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‘Turn’ by The Wombats

The song that you’ve been searching for is ‘Turn’ by The Wombats! Better yet, we have the official music video right here for your entertainment. Plus, we’ve also included the ad that led you here, so you can re-watch it with a fresher, fuller appreciation. Feel free to watch the music video above, the ad below, or—if you simply can’t help yourself—both!

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