What's in store for Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show

What’s in store for Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show

Are you ready to see the future? While Toyota hasn’t invited the time machine (yet), they’ll give us a picture of what the future might look like at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Three distinct Toyota concept cars will be on display, represent a different vision of the future.

Toyota’s desire to provide consumers with top-tier engine efficiency and quality will be showcased on all three models which employ advanced powertrain technology. The three vehicles include: the all-new Prius, the hybrid crossover Toyota C-HR Concept, and the FCV Plus, a fuel cell concept that perfectly encapsulates Toyota’s vision for a hydrogen-based society.

The all-new Toyota Prius in Decatur AL

Premier of the Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular and is the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger vehicle. This new Toyota Prius is more fun-to-drive thanks to its new Toyota Platform that is fitted with improved handling, safety, and more driving pleasure.

Weight reductions across the board have resulted in over 40 percent thermal efficiency and a big time boost in fuel economy.

Toyota C-HR Concept Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota C-HR Concept

Toyota heads for a new direction with the C-HR Concept with a bold style and a high-performing hybrid system. Its distinct design has diamond-inspired styling is packed full of surprises. Not only built to catch the eye, the C-HR is designed to improve handling ability and riding pleasure.

Toyota S-FR Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota S-FR

The world premier of the Toyota S-FR showcases a fun-to-drive, lightweight sports car. Presented as an entry-level model, the concept is geared toward a younger generation that still loves to drive.

The S-FR is simple and stripped down, quite unlike most concept cars. It offers a six-speed manual transmission, designed to add more fun! Designed for a die-hard fan base of driving purists, the S-FR will likely go after the Mazda Miata.