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Do I Need to Visit a Service Center if my Tire Pressure Light is on?

What to do if your Warning Lights Come on While Driving

We have all had our tire pressure light come on at one point, but does this mean that we can fill up our tires ourselves or that we may need to visit a service center to get our tires inspected? We’re going to detail what to do if your warning lights come on while driving so you’ll know what course of action to take.

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TPMS Basics

When your TPMS light comes on and stays on, this means that you have low tire pressure. You should check your tire pressure at the next opportunity and fill it to the correct pressure to avoid uneven wear and unsafe driving conditions. When the TPMS light goes on and off, this could be caused by fluctuating temperatures. You can check your tires with a gauge and see if any of them are low. If the light flashes and then stays on, this could be a sign that your system is not functioning properly and you should take your car into the service center.

Causes of Variation in Tire Pressure

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Like we said, weather can be a factor in your tire pressure readings. If you are filling up your tires more frequently than you feel is normal, you should take your car into the service center. This could be a sign that one of the seals on your tires is not secure, there is damage to your tire, or that the closure is not functioning properly. Either way, you’ll want to get your tires looked at by a professional.

Service your Tires at Serra Toyota of Decatur

No matter the cause of your low tire pressure, we’re here to help at Serra Toyota of Decatur. Tire upkeep and care is an important part of your car’s overall health. We have a capable team here at Serra Toyota of Decatur that is able to help you with any type of maintenance you may need. You can use our online scheduling tool or call us at 256-280-3067 to schedule your next service appointment.

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Are you looking for further information on what to do if your warning lights come on while driving? Contact our service department to schedule an appointment. We can help you with all of your service needs. You can also take a look at all of our new Toyota models in our online inventory if you’re in the market for a new vehicle and then stop by for a test drive next time you’re in the area.