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What is included with the ToyoGuard Platinum Package?

It’s essential to know that you have a dealership team by your side that is ready and willing to keep your Toyota vehicle running well long past your date of purchase. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Serra Toyota of Decatur, as we offer incredible benefits for all your service needs as part of the ToyoGuard Platinum Package, which provides you additional services after your ToyotaCare plan expires. If you’re interested in this, you may be wondering, “What is included with the ToyoGuard Platinum Package?” 

There are five awesome features with ToyoGuard Platinum, each of which ensures that you’ll be covered and protected no matter what happens to your Toyota vehicle. Join us below as we take you through them! 

Mechanic checking oil in Toyota service bay

Oil Changes 

To go along with ToyotaCare’s included oil changes, you’ll get two more additional ones (including filter replacements) as part of ToyoGuard Platinum. These can be redeemed at any time within 10 years of your original purchase.  

Mechanic conducting tire rotation inside Toyota service bay

Tire Rotations 

Keeping your tires healthy and aligned is an essential part of the daily drive, and with ToyoGuard, you’ll be in line for four extra ones in addition to your standard ToyotaCare scheduled maintenance.  

Toyota salesman talking to customer next to truck

Roadside Assistance 

For 5 years or up to 60,000 miles, ToyoGuard Platinum can help in the case of an emergency on the road. ToyoGuard Roadside Assistance offers jump starts, tire service, fuel delivery, winching and towing, and help in the case of a lockout.

Salesman talking to two people inside Toyota dealership

Rental Car Assistance 

Say you need to get a part ordered for your Toyota model and have concerns about its drivability in the meantime; that’s no problem with ToyoGuard Platinum, which offers rental car coverage. You’ll have 5 one-day rentals at your disposal whenever you should need them.  

Man applying protective coat to Toyota model exterior

Protective Coatings 

To help you protect your Toyota vehicle against bad weather and other harmful elements, ToyoGuard services will include an exterior paint sealant and interior protector. With this, your Toyota will not only run like new, but look like it as well!

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