Vehicle start screen in Toyota app on smartphone

How to Connect To and Use The Toyota App

What Can I Use the Smartphone Toyota App For?

If you’ve recently purchased a new Toyota vehicle that offers connected services, you may be wondering what exactly you can use them for. The vehicle’s connected services allow you to connect your Android™ device or iPhone® to your Toyota vehicle to perform a number of actions and receive vital information about your vehicle. But what all can you use the smartphone Toyota app for? Keep reading this guide to find out how to connect to and use the Toyota app with your vehicle.

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How to Get Started with the Toyota App Closeup of Toyota Connect app on smartwatch

  1. Navigate to your smartphone’s app store and in the search bar type in “Toyota.”. Download the Toyota app.
  2. Once downloaded, open the Toyota app on your phone and click Sign Up to begin creating a new account. If you already have a Toyota account then use those credentials to sign in.
  3. After creating the Toyota account it is time to link your vehicle to your account.
  4. If the vehicle is nearby you can scan your vehicle’s VIN using your phone’s camera, or you can type the VIN in manually. The VIN is located in the lower corner of your windshield and along the driver’s side door frame. Click Add Vehicle.
  5. The app will populate your vehicle’s information on the screen. Confirm the information and enter a nickname if you’d like. Click Save Changes.
  6. Review the connected services trials that are available to you then press Continue.
  7. Review the Connected Service Data Handling Requirements then tap Agree and Continue to accept. Repeat this for the Service Connect Communication and Auto Insurance Designed for You disclaimers.
  8. Click Add New if you’d like to add additional vehicles to your device or tap Finish Setup.
  9. Your Toyota app is now set up!

Toyota App and Connected Services Features

Whether you connect your Toyota app to one vehicle or many, there are a number of different key features this system offers you. Having the Toyota app linked to your vehicle allows you to view recent vehicle trip information, monitor any guest drivers using your vehicle, locate your parked vehicle, start and stop your vehicle’s engine, lock and unlock doors, view your Toyota vehicle’s health reports, and more. Not only can you connect the Toyota app to your smartphone, but you can also bring the power of the app to your compatible smartwatch.

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The Toyota app gives you the power to not only be more in tune with your Toyota vehicle but also perform handy actions like locking your vehicle’s doors, finding where you parked, and more. Head over to our online inventory to find an in-stock Toyota vehicle that offers connected services. To learn more about the Toyota connected services or how to use the Toyota app, contact a member of our staff today.