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The end of a Toyota lease could be the start of a new journey

What can I do when my Toyota lease ends? 

Leasing a vehicle has become increasingly more popular with Toyota of Decatur customers. There are several reasons people will choose to enter into a Toyota lease over traditional financing. Some of these reasons include lower monthly payments, several available service benefits and the ability to almost always have the latest model in the driveway. If you’re wondering, ‘What can I do when my Toyota lease ends,’ the financial experts at Toyota of Decatur have the answers you’re looking for. Basically, there are three choices a lease holder can make, start a new lease, return their lease and walk away or purchase the vehicle they have been driving for the last several years. Let’s take a closer look at what these choices mean. 

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Start a New Toyota Lease 

This is the most popular choice Toyota customers make when their lease is ending. Ahead of the actual lease-end date, the holder of the lease will need to schedule an inspection before picking out their next vehicle. Toyota of Decatur customers who choose to start a new lease may be eligible to have certain fees waived that would normally be assessed when the term ends. This is when they can lease or purchase a new Toyota vehicle – perhaps one of our many hybrid options. 

Turn the vehicle in and walk away 

A lease is a contract and when it’s over, it’s over. Once the lease officially matures, a customer can simply go through the lease-end process, which includes the aforementioned inspection, and simply walk away. If someone chooses to not start a new lease, we would love to work with them toward financing a new vehicle or possibly walking them through our available pre-owned inventory. 

Buy the vehicle outright 

You’ve probably enjoyed the time you’ve spent behind the wheel of your Toyota vehicle. It is completely likely that you want to keep your vehicle and Toyota Financial Services has a process in place to make that happen. All lease paperwork has a price a customer will need to pay to own the vehicle outright. Our financial team at Toyota of Decatur can help people find any loan information they need to make the purchase. 

If you have any questions about the buying or leasing process along the way, please reach out to Toyota of Decatur today.