Tricks and Tips for Back-to-School Car Shopping

How can I Pick the Best Car for my Student?

Tricks and Tips for Back-to-School Car Shopping

When your children go off to school, or get their license for the first time, it is common place to want to provide them with a reliable and safe vehicle that they can drive for the duration of their academic career. But sometimes, this process can seem difficult. Which car is right? How much should you pay? How many cars should you look at? These questions can all be answered with our tricks and tips for back-to-school car shopping. Take a look at our suggestions!

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1. Do your research.

When you shop for a new or used car for your student, be sure that you research a lot before you even get to the dealership. This will help you have a good idea of what different models offer you and can help streamline the process once you actually go see your top picks in person. Here at Serra Toyota of Decatur, we have a host of helpful research tools like our model comparison pages and our model information pages.

2. Take a look at the ownership costs of the vehicle.

You want to consider what the car is going to cost you aside from your monthly payments or one-time payment. It is helpful to call your insurance company and get a quote for the new vehicle, research registration fees in your area, the cost of fuel, and any other considerations like regular maintenance fees. This can help you get a more well-rounded idea of what the vehicle will cost you aside from its price tag value.

3. Comparison drive several cars.

Don’t let yourself get stuck with just one vehicle in mind. Having various options to test drive will help you have more options when it comes time to decide. We know that the research process might lead you in a specific direction, but you should always give yourself the freedom to see a few vehicles in person, no matter if you think you have already picked the perfect car for your student.

4. Drive the car yourself before you buy.

Even if this vehicle is for your student and not for you, you should take whatever car you are considering for a test drive too. You have more years of driving experience and, therefore, are a better judge on how a reliable car should feel and handle while out on the road. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable driving it, chances are it’s not the right car for your student.

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There you have our tricks and tips for back-to-school car shopping. Have more questions or would like some suggestions on our favorite vehicle choices for student drivers? Contact us at Serra Toyota of Decatur! We’ll help you and your student find the perfect car. You can peruse our online inventory of new Toyota models and our inventory of used vehicles. Then stop by for a test drive or two!