How well do Toyota vehicles hold their resale value?

Do Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra hold their value?

It’s no surprise that Toyota vehicles retain value

Toyota has been named as the top non-luxury in the Best Retained Value Awards for 2015. The award specifically recognizes 2015 cars, trucks, and SUVs that have the highest residual value after five years. uses their True Market Value as a base for their projections.

There are a variety of reason why consumers choose the vehicles they do when making a purchase. Some folks purchase with a goal of reselling the vehicle in a few years. Others plan to drive their new car from the dealership right into the ground when its life is over! There’s nothing wrong with either approach. Buyers who have resale expectations typically buy knowing that a vehicle has a strong resale value. annually selects the top vehicle in each category with the highest resale value. Individuals likely to sell their vehicles within the first few years of use pay strong attention to the resale value of a vehicle. Toyota vehicle in every category, not just the ones mentioned here, hold their resale value well.

Do Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra hold their value? Toyota’s trucks do very after they leave a dealer’s lot. Combine solid fuel efficiency, towing capacity, and reliability and you can see why these two vehicles hold their value 5 to 10 years after their release. Reliability and durable are above all else why the Tacoma and Tundra take the cake year in and year out.

A vehicle that didn’t make the list is the 2015 Toyota 4Runner. One of the few SUVs still built on a truck frame, the 4Runner has cargo space and off-road capability across the board.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser might hold its value better than any other vehicle on the road today. Pretty much everything about the FJ Cruiser is unique, that’s why it’s still popular even after it was discontinued in 2014.

Toyota models that have received recognition for their resale value from

2015 Toyota Highlander in Decatur AL

Toyota Highlander resale value
2015 Toyota Avalon in Decatur AL

Toyota Avalon resale value


2015 Toyota Tacoma in Decatur AL

Toyota Tacoma resale value

2015 Toyota Tundra in Decatur AL

Toyota Tundra resale value