Toyota Safety Support Technology for Parking

Toyota Parking Assist Features can Help Reduce Accidents

Toyota Safety Support Technology for Parking

In a recent study conducted in Japan on Toyota safety support technology for parking, Toyota’s Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) system, the resulting data showed that the ICS system has the ability to significantly reduce collisions that result from pedal misapplication and accidents resulting from reversing.

Toyota Intelligent Clearance Sonar System

The survey was conducted during the 18-month period from January 2015 to June 2016. The ICS, which is a system that helps to prevent or mitigate collision damage in parking spaces, was found to reduce pedal misapplication accidents by 70%, and reduce accidents related to reversing by 40%. These results are according to the survey of data concerning approximately 2,500 accidents from insurance companies that cover the policies for about 60,000 Alphard, Vellfire, and Prius models.

How does the ICS System work?

The ICS system works by using a clearance sonar to detect obstacles during sudden starts caused by pedal misapplication. This help to mitigate damages caused by the collision. Check out the video below:

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2017 Toyota Prius ICS Technology

2017 Toyota Prius Exterior View with 58 MPG Written in a Bubble in the Left Hand Corner
2017 Toyota Parking Assist Feature

In the 2017 Toyota Prius, the ICS scans for stationary objects, like walls or lampposts. Should the system anticipate a collision, it will emit an audible alert. It will also reduce engine output, and automatically brake. Plus, in the 2017 Toyota Prius, this technology can be combined with the available Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA). This system will automatically control the steering and help guide you into an open parking space, making driving fun and parking easy.

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