Is there a Toyota off-road van for sale?

Toyota unveils the Ultimate Utility Vehicle

Last week Toyota unveiled their new design for the North American headquarters in Plano TX. Coinciding with the unveiling, Toyota launched the Ever-Better Expedition. The event is designed to bring together the world-wide team of Toyota employees and engineers to experience the road and connect with consumers. They’ll be able to experience the power and performance of Toyota lineup first hand!

Toyota Ever-Better Expedition

One of the vehicles that has been unveiled for the Expedition, being dubbed the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, is a custom-made Toyota Sienna body that has been outfitted to sit on top of a Tacoma truck to be displayed at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) conference. Put the Toyota Sienna on a the chassis of a truck and what do you get? A super cool off-road utility vehicle, that’s what. So is there a Toyota off-road van for sale? Unfortunately, there is not. What keeps most truck or SUV drivers away from a minivan is the lack of off-road or all-wheel drive capability.

Toyota engineers and other team members will participate in the Ever-Better Expedition where Toyota employees are able to take the awesome vehicles they design and see how they react out in the real world on some of the most diverse and challenging terrains in North America.


Follow the exploits of the Ever-Better Expedition.

Consumers can still get the best from the truck world and the SUV world with the 2015 Toyota 4Runner, which is one of the only SUVs still built on a truck base. The Toyota 4Runner is able to keep up with the likes of roomy SUVs like the Honda Pilot as well as off-road favorites like the Jeep Wrangler. If you’ve got any questions about the Toyota lineup, drop us a line at Serra Toyota of Decatur!

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