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Vehicle service needs change as the miles roll by on the odometer

Toyota Maintenance Needs by Mileage Interval 

Making sure a vehicle owner keeps up with their vehicle’s scheduled maintenance requirements is something that everyone working in the Toyota of Decatur wants to impress upon our customers. Just like how people have different health needs as they age, the same is true for vehicles as they rack up miles on the odometer. Let’s take a look at Toyota maintenance needs by mileage interval so the next time you visit our, or any, service facility you will know exactly what is being done. To be sure, each Toyota vehicle will have slightly different maintenance requirements. A 2020 Toyota RAV4 will serve as our model for this purpose. However, there will be a lot of carryover among other cars, trucks and crossover SUVs in the automaker’s lineup.  

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The thing about required maintenance is not everything needs to be done at every visit. For the most part, Toyota maintenance calls for different things to happen every 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 miles. Our purpose today is to provide a basic idea, so that is what our service experts focused on for this guide. 

Toyota Service Required Every 5,000 Miles 

• Replace engine oil and oil filter 
• Ensure driver’s side floor mat is installed correctly 
• Inspect/refill consumable fluids 
• Rotate Tires 
• Visually inspect brakes 
• Inspect windshield wipers 

Additionally, vehicles with aftermarket accessories like exterior cargo carriers will need to have the bolts inspected. Many of these same maintenance requirements will be the same for the first 25,000 miles a vehicle is on the road. Toyota of Decatur service technicians will be on the lookout for problems as they begin to occur. 

What happens at 30,000 miles? 

The standard 30,000-mile service checkup will include everything we’ve previously mentioned but will also add several more steps to the checklist. Let’s see what you can expect. 

• Inspect steering linkage and boots 
• Exhaust pipes and mountings inspection 
• Inspect transmission, fuel system and brakes 
• Replace air and oil filters 

There are a lot of other component inspections that are a part of the 30,000-mile service appointment. Suffice it to say your vehicle will leave the Toyota of Decatur Service Department with our team knowing exactly what is going on under the hood. 

Our service department remains open for business during COVID-19 restrictions. We have also started a new service that can sterilize the inside of your vehicle. Please reach out to us if you need some help today.