Toyota Environmental Initiatives and Goals

Toyota’s Positive Impacts on the Environment

Toyota Environmental Initiatives and Goals

Toyota has a long history of striving to be an eco-friendly company and creating vehicles that help to change the way we think about efficiency, emissions, and enviromental possibilities. Here are some of the ways Toyota is making strides for a greener future through Toyota environmental initiatives and goals.

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Toyota’s Positive Impacts on the Environment

In the recently published 2016 North American Environmental Report, Toyota outlined some positive impacts of its operations. Over the past year, Toyota’s North American operations have reduced water usage by nearly 100 million gallons, and they announced plans for a 7.75 megawatt solar array at Toyota’s new headquarters campus in Plano, Texas. This installment will reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 7,122 metric tons. Toyota has outlined six challenging environmental milestones they hope to achieve by 2050.

Toyota's Environmental Goals Outline

Here are some of the ways Toyota is looking toward a greener future:

Minimizing and Optimizing Water Usage:

  • In 2016, Toyota reduced water usage by 99.8 million gallons.
  • Toyota dealers in Northern California saved 8.4 million gallons of water this last summer by encouraging customers to skip a car wash after service.

Establishing a Recycling-Based Society and Systems:

  • Toyota’s North American facilities reduced, reused, or recycled 96% of waste during 2015.

Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature:

  • Toyota has more than 1,000 acres across 10 North American sites certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council.
  • Toyota has been the national corporate sponsor of National Public Lands Day since 1999.
  • National Public Lands Day 2015 contributed an estimated $18 million in volunteer services to improve public lands across the U.S.

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“To achieve our 2050 goal of net positive impact, we’ll continue to make consistent, incremental improvements,” said Toyota Motor North America Regional Environmental Director Kevin Butt. “These constant improvements, supported by innovative projects across Toyota operations in North America, will create positive change and a more sustainable future.”

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