Toyota Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

Toyota Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

There are a number of Toyota dashboard symbols and meanings that will light up your multi-information display. If you’ve ever wondered what your Toyota dashboard lights and symbols were flashing for, you’re not alone.

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Toyota Dashboard Symbols

Toyota anti-lock brake light
ABS warning light
Indicates a problem with ABS or Brake Assist system.

Toyota battery warning light
Charging system warning light
Possible malfunction in the vehicle’s charging system.

Toyota Cruise Control light
Cruise control
Cruise control is ON/OFF.

Toyota steering wheel light
Electric power steering warning
Malfunction in the electric power steering system.

Toyota high beam light
Headlight high beam indicator
High beam lights have been switched ON/OFF.

Toyota headlight indicator
Headlight indicator
Indicates that parking tail, side marker, license plate, instrument panel and headlights have been turned ON.

Toyota oil light
Low engine oil pressure warning
Engine oil pressure is too low.

Low fuel level warning ligth
Low fuel level warning light
Low fuel level (consult your manual).

Low washer fluid warning
Low washer fluid warning
Washer fluid is low.

Toyota maint reqd light
Maintenance required reminder
Maintenance is required according to the regularly scheduled maintenance.

Toyota lock light
Security indicator
Further explanation can be found here or consult your owner’s manual.

Toyota slip indicator
Slip indicator
Light will go on if vehicle is in danger of slipping.

Toyota SRS airbag light
SRS airbag on-off indicator
AIR BAG ON or AIR BAG OFF will illuminate to advise the driver or passenger.

Toyota seat belt light
SRS warning light
Malfunction in: SRS airbag system, front passenger occupant classification system, or seatbelt pretensioner system.

Toyota tire pressure warning light
Tire pressure warning light
Low tire inflation pressure.

Toyota TRAC OFF light
TRAC OFF indicator
Traction ON/OFF.

Toyota turn signal light
Turn signal indicator
Right or left turn signal has been activated.

Toyota skid off lightVSC off indicator
Push and hold the switch while vehicle is stopped to turn off TRAC and VSC.

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Dashboard lights are displayed in a variety of different colors, depending on the system, severity, and status in a specific Toyota vehicle.

Yellow icons aren’t necessarily of immediate importance but indicate an area that needs to be addressed (low fuel).

Red icons indicate an issue that needs to be addressed immediately (open door or low engine oil pressure).