Toyota Automatic Breaking System

Automatic braking is coming to the masses

Toyota unveils automatic braking safety system

By the end of 2017, Toyota will have taken another step into the future of auto-making when it provides the optional automated braking accessory on all Toyota and Lexus. The new Toyota automatic braking system will be unveiled with Toyota launches the RAV4 Hybrid crossover SUV. The braking system is designed to help protect passengers in the event of a car crash and can actually prevent crashes in some situations.

The Toyota automatic brake system works with advanced GPS technology for enhanced position monitoring. For example, the braking system will be able to recognize stop signals at an intersection and alert drivers with audio and visual alerts. If the driver does not comply and brake for a stop sign, the automatic brake system will kick in and apply braking to avoid collision.

Toyota is the first affordable brand to offer the automatic brake system in vehicles that are readily available to a middle-class American. The entire lineup from Toyota will be eligible for this upgrade that will range from $300 to $635. Three different levels of the braking system will be available. Compact cars will see the Toyota Safety Sense C, while midsized and premium Toyota cars will see the Toyota Safety Sense P.automatic-braking

The first vehicle to be available with the automatic brake system will be the new RAV4 Hybrid. Next on the docket will be the Toyota Avalon sedan, followed by four more models at the end of the year to be announced later this year. The rest of the Toyota lineup will follow in shortly. The price points Toyota has unveiled is what’s shocking. Similar packages on other manufacturers ranges in the thousands of dollars compared to the $300 to $600 range from Toyota.

The Toyota brand is committed to working to lower traffic fatalities for every segment of society. Serra Toyota of Decatur couldn’t be happier to provide our customers the option to affordably upgrade to the once expensive safety packages. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance can also help limit unwanted vehicle repairs in the future. Serra Toyota of Decatur lets customers easily schedule car maintenance online.