Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

How to Spring Clean your Car

Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

It is officially the first day of spring and we’re ready to get our spring cleaning started. The changing of the seasons are a great time to clean your vehicle and make sure that routine maintenance is performed to keep your car running well in the coming months. Take a look at our tips and tricks for spring cleaning your vehicle!

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10 Things to Clean in your Vehicle for Spring

  1. Carpeting and Upholstery: Make sure to get rid of all the debris that has been built up over winter.
  2. The Console: Wash out the consoles and clean out the cup holders.
  3. Organize: Clean out the compartments in your car and get rid of the clutter.
  4. The Windows: Clean and shine your windows so you can enjoy the spring scenery!
  5. The Trunk: Check the trunk of your vehicle and clean out all the mess from winter.
  6. The Exterior Body: Make sure to clean all the winter grime from the exterior of your car.
  7. The Wheels: Pay some extra attention to your wheels and make sure to scrub well.
  8. Under the Hood: Look under the hood and get all the debris out.
  9. Waxing: You should wax your car twice a year. Spring is a good time to do this.
  10. Replace wipers: After winter, it is probably safe to say you may need new wiper blades.
Person Cleaning the Exterior of their Car
Person Holding a Wrench

Routine Maintenance to Perform in Spring

  1. Get the oil changed as needed.
  2. Tune up the engine to ensure it is working at its best. This includes having belts checked.
  3. Have the air conditioning tested.
  4. Be sure all lighting systems, both on the exterior and interior of the car, are working properly.
  5. Replace tires if they no longer hold air properly.

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Make sure to follow these tips and tricks for spring cleaning your vehicle and then stop by to get your routine maintenance performed by our service professionals. You can schedule an appointment online. Looking for a new vehicle this spring? Check out our online inventory and then stop by for a test drive at Serra Toyota of Decatur!