Real Haunted Houses and Paranormal Places near Morgan County

Where can I find Spooky Sites near Decatur AL?

Real Haunted Houses and Paranormal Places near Morgan County

We’ve already detailed the haunted houses that you can visit this season near Morgan County, but for this post, we’re going to tell you about real-life haunts that you can travel to this Halloween. Take a look at some of these real haunted houses and paranormal places near Morgan County if you dare.

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St. James Hotel

Located in Selma, AL, this hotel is one of the oldest operations in Alabama. Built in 1837, the St. James hotel has a spooky history. During the Civil War, soldiers used the hotel as a place to discuss battle strategies. During the Battle of Selma, the entire town of Selma pretty much burned to the ground, but the St. James Hotel remained standing. After this, the hotel was owned by a man named Benjamin Sterling Tower. Allegedly, he allowed a group of outlaws that were led by the famous gang leader, Jesse James, to stay at the hotel one night. Guests have reported seeing the spirits of Jesse James and his girlfriend, Lucinda, as well as a man fully dressed in clothing from the 1800s in rooms 214, 314 and 315. James’ black dog is also said to haunts the halls of the hotel. Guests have reported incessant barking with no dog in sight.

Highway 5 in Lyn AL

It is said that this stretch of road is haunted by the spirit of a woman who was killed by a trucker. People say that she travels up and down the road searching for her killer and has been reported to bang on truck doors and peer inside the windows of trucks to get a look at the driver.

Two Witches Sitting in Graveyard with Pumpkin
Creepy Jack-O-Lanturn

Jack Cole Road

Located in Hayden, AL, Jack Cole Road is an unpaved road surrounded by dense wilderness of highway 7. Since 1890, a total of 68 deaths have been reported on this road. 60 were due to an outbreak of Cholera in the 1900s and the other eight were caused by mysterious events and one murder. People that travel this road claim to see things like lights in the woods, to hear loud sounds, to glance ghostly figures walking along the road and, to see a deformed Bigfoot-like animal that looks to be half-wolf and half-man.

Ghost Bridge

In Florence, AL, there is a bridge that has been nicknamed the “Ghost Bridge” for its plethora of paranormal activity. The spot doesn’t need any help looking spooky. Its decayed and dilapidated appearance is enough to warrant a detour. Several rumors from locals tell of a white mist that rises from the creek and lays atop the bridge as well as sightings of a strange orb of light, the sound of footsteps without a source, and monster-like beings walking the bridge at night.

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