Biking and hiking trails in Huntsville AL

Popular hiking and biking trails in Huntsville AL

We’re lucky to live in an area with filled with great mountain biking and hiking trails. We’ve found some of the most popular hiking and biking trails in Huntsville AL. While many of the great nature preserves and parks we have listed below are free to the public, some may require or suggest a donation before entering.

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Hiking Trails in Huntsville AL

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Monte Sano State Park

If you’re interested in a challenging afternoon filled with hiking and biking, the Monte Sano State Park might be the perfect place for you. Rated more difficult by trail-goers, this 2,140 acre state park is located just outside Huntsville AL.Hiking trials in Huntsville AL

Mountain Mist Trail in Monte Sano State Park: A trail of average difficulty, the Mountain Mist Trail is 7.5 miles of shaded Alabama woods — great for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking. You’ll see a bit of everything on this trail. Dogs are also welcome!

Land Trust Loop in Monte Sano State Park: Rated difficult, this 5.2-mile trail loop typically used for hiking.

Hays Nature Preserve

Hays Nature Preserve is located in the City of Huntsville that features a handful of easy trails that wind through swamps, woods, and riversides of all kinds. Trails for mountain biking, children’s playground, picnic areas, and a lake stocked with fish can also be found at the nature preserve.

Land Trust of North Alabama is another great resource for trail maps and nature preserves near Huntsville AL.

Mountain Biking Trails in Huntsville AL

Mountain Mist Trail in Monte Sano State Park

For more experienced riders, the Mountain Mist Trail is one of the premier locations around Huntsville for mountain bikers.

South Plateau Loop in Monte Sano State Park

An easy trail for mountain bikers, the 3.3-mile trail is perfect for younger mountain bikers looking to get their feet wet.

Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

Typically populated by runners with its open design, the Blevins Gap Nature Preserve provides terrific scenic overlooks and 10.5 miles of trails of easy to moderate difficulty.

Wade Mountain Nature Preserve

Around 8.5 miles of trails of easy to moderate difficulty stretch of the scenic terrain at Wade Mountain Nature Preserve.