2016 Toyota Highlander vac

New 2016 Toyota Highlander vacuum option added

Along with the 2016 Toyota Sienna, a new 2016 Toyota Highlander vacuum option has been added. The on-board vacuum for the Toyota Highlander is now available at Serra Toyota of Decatur! A leader in the midsize crossover SUV category, the 2016 Toyota Highlander also offers a choice of 4-cylinder, V6, or hybrid powertrain.

Customers will be able to add the vacuum option on the Highlander and match the color to the interior. The Highlander Shop Vac comes in Ash, Black, and Almond colors. An on-board vacuum was first available on the 2016 Sienna, and has now come to the Highlander.

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Instead of fumbling with a long extension corded shop vac, you’ll be able to quickly call up the on-board vacuum when there’s spill. Not only is this helpful if you’ve got animals who regularly inhabit the rear seats of the Highlander, but you’ll be able to suck up Cheerios and pretzel bits like you’ve always dreamed off!

What’s included with the Highlander on-board vacuum

The on-board vacuum was built by the Shop Vac company. Like the one found in the Sienna, the vacuum comes with a replaceable filter and bag, a removable canister, and is able to reach from one end of the vehicle to the other. The vacuum is able to be used for up to 10 minutes without the engine running, and continuously while the engine is on.

Three attachment tools are also included: crevice tool, gulper, and brush!

2016 Highlander shop vac

Sienna/Highlander Shop Vac System

2016 Highlander is a midsize SUV for families

Along with its excellent performance specs, the 2016 Highlander is perfect for families with its incredibly comfortable cabin. Thanks to acoustic-type glass used on the windshield, the Highlander lends to a quieter ride than most other midsize crossover SUVs.

An available panoramic moonroof was designed to reduce wind noise when it’s closed, and when it’s opened. The Highlander is designed from top to bottom to provide a comfortable ride for driver and passengers!