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Community Heroes Receive Vehicle Service Discounts with Serra’s Local Heroes Special

Local Law Enforcement, Teacher Vehicle Discounts in Decatur AL

Needing vehicle service can be a burden on car owners, especially when it is least expected. Luckily for local law enforcement personnel and local teachers, Serra Toyota of Decatur offers the Local Heroes Special each week to help members of the community afford vehicle services. Continue reading to learn about how community heroes receive vehicle service discounts with Serra’s Local Heroes Special in the Decatur area.

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Serra’s Local Heroes Special at Serra Toyota of Decatur

The team at Serra Toyota of Decatur is committed to giving back to community members who play an active role in bettering the Decatur community. Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at Serra Toyota of Decatur it is a Local Heroes Appreciation Day and these days are designed to help take some of the burdens off of getting vehicles serviced. During these special days, local healthcare workers, law enforcement members, teachers, firefighters, military members, and First Responders receive 20% off any vehicle accessory installation or paid service on their Toyota vehicle at the Serra Toyota of Decatur service center. To enjoy this special all car owners need to do is provide our staff with the Local Heroes Appreciation Day coupon, along with verifiable proof of current employment in one of these qualifying areas.

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Local law enforcement members, teachers, healthcare workers, and other local heroes can enjoy getting their vehicles serviced back into tiptop shape at the Serra Toyota of Decatur service center. Our team is trained in a wide range of vehicle services and is ready to take on anything your Toyota vehicle may need. If you wish to book an appointment with our service team, head over to our online scheduling page or contact a member of the Serra Toyota of Decatur service team. We look forward to giving back to you.