Road Sign Assist Video Tutorial Screenshot

How to Use Toyota Road Sign Assist

Wherever you go, wherever you are, know that you are safe in a Toyota car. With all of the automaker’s new safety systems in recent production years, this train of thought has only become truer with time. In other words, every single year, Toyota introduces more and more ways in which its vehicles are exceptionally safe and secure. Road Sign Assist, for instance, is a new and innovative system that can scan select road signs. By doing so, it can inform the driver of speed limits, road conditions, and more. As convenient as this system may be, some drivers may not want it on at all times. As a result, many of our loyal customers have been asking us how to turn Road Sign Assist on and off in a Toyota vehicle. We have everything you need to know about how to use Toyota Road Sign Assist, so keep on reading!

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How to Turn Road Sign Assist On and Off in a Toyota Vehicle

With a visual system like Road Sign Assist, the best way to learn more is with a video tutorial. Better yet, the one included below is an official release from Toyota, so there’s no doubt that it’s the best resource out there! Now, without any further ado, feel free to view the video below.

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We were happy to tell you how to use Toyota Road Sign Assist. Now that you know how to turn Road Sign Assist on and off in a Toyota vehicle, what’s next? How about a test drive of a new Toyota model that comes with Road Sign Assist? If that sounds good to you, then schedule your test drive today! Either way, all are welcome to explore our extensive new Toyota inventory. Whatever you may need, we are always happy to help. We hope to hear from you soon.

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