Lane Tracing Assist Video Tutorial Screenshot

How to Use Toyota Lane Tracing Assist

The team at Toyota is constantly striving to create their best cars yet. Whatever you may be looking for—fuel economy, convenience features, a state-of-the-art interior, a breathtaking exterior, or anything else—you can find it in the form of a Toyota vehicle. In addition, Toyota has released an extensive suite of safety systems over the course of the past few production years. Among these safety features, one will find Lane Tracing Assist. With it, Toyota vehicles can identify the markers of their respective lane and then center themselves in it. In other words, Lane Tracing Assist can help to keep your car in the center of its lane. What’s more, Lane Tracing Assist can also preemptively avoid unintended lane departures. Keep on reading to learn how to use Toyota Lane Tracing Assist!

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How to Turn Lane Tracing Assist On and Off in a Toyota Vehicle

Simply put, you don’t need to actively use Lane Tracing Assist; rather, it will activate on its own, as needed. In order for this to happen, however, you must enable the system. Check out the included video below to learn how to turn Lane Tracing Assist on and off in a Toyota vehicle.

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We were happy to tell you how to use Toyota Lane Tracing Assist. Now that you know how to turn Lane Tracing Assist on and off in a Toyota vehicle, who’s ready to go for a test drive in a car equipped with this technology? Check out our extensive new Toyota inventory today and choose the model that’d be best for you. As soon as you find the one that you’d love to call your own, schedule a test drive with our team at Toyota of Decatur. To learn more about any of the vehicles in our new or used inventories, feel free to contact us; we’re always happy to help.

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