Dynamic Navigation screen in Toyota vehicle

Overview: Toyota Dynamic Navigation

How To Use the Toyota Dynamic Navigation System

If your new Toyota vehicle comes with the Dynamic Navigation system then you might be wondering what exactly this system does and how you use it. The Dynamic Navigation system not only provides directions but also a Navigation Assistant, local hot spots, destination options, and more. Continue reading this Serra Toyota of Decatur guide for an overview of how to use the Toyota Dynamic Navigation system and its abilities.

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Toyota Dynamic Navigation Features

The Toyota Dynamic Navigation system comes as a part of the top multimedia offerings in Toyota models and any model equipped with a premium audio system will feature this technology. Drivers can access this system by pressing the physical MAP button on the infotainment interface or by pressing a pinned shortcut on the homescreen.

Dynamic Navigation comes equipped with a number of handy features and abilities including Destination Assist, Favorite Locations, Emergency Destinations list, Points of Interest, and more. Once a driver has entered an address or chosen a location from one of the system’s destination lists, optimized routes are downloaded, and the driver can choose whichever route they prefer. This allows drivers to better select their path as opposed to being offered just one route option.

Check out this video below from Toyota for an in-depth look at how to use various features in the Toyota Dynamic Navigation system.

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If you are looking to get a new vehicle that is equipped with Dynamic Navigation, then head over to the Serra Toyota of Decatur online inventory. You can view our full lineup of in-stock Toyota vehicles, including ones with this navigation technology. Book a test drive today to check out how the Dynamic Navigation system performs in real-time.