How to use Qi wireless charging in 2016 Tacoma

How to use Qi wireless charging in 2016 Tacoma

Many of the latest smartphones on the market are built to support Qi wireless charging. To most of us, Qi wireless charging is a technology term that we’ve never heard about before. We will attempt to explain how to use Qi wireless charging in the 2016 Tacoma.

What is a Qi wireless charger?

Qi wireless charging allows a compatible smartphone battery to charge using induction transfer. All you need to do is place your smartphone on the wireless charging pad and watch it charge! There’s no need for cords or wires! Currently, iOS devices do not support Qi wireless charging capability, though rumors have hinted the iPhone 7 might come with wireless charging.

2016 Tacoma Qi wireless charging

2016 Toyota Tacoma wireless charger


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Using Qi wireless charging on the 2016 Tacoma

How many times have brought your phone with you on a trip or on the way to work and forgot to charge it? Qi wireless charging capability removes the hassle of charging a compatible smartphone.

Here’s a good look at how easy it is to charge your phone with Qi wireless charging in the 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

2016 Tacoma GoPro Windshield Mount

In addition to available Qi wireless, every new 2016 Tacoma will come standard with a GoPro Windshield Mount to document every adventure!

Take a look at how easy it is to mount your GoPro camera inside the Tacoma in this video.


Do other Toyota models feature Qi wireless charging capability?

Yes! There are other models in the Toyota lineup that come with Qi wireless charging. It is available on the 2016 Camry, 2016 Prius, 2016 Avalon, 2016 Land Cruiser and 2016 Tacoma. Awesome new technology features, like Qi wireless charging will be available on more Toyota models in the future!