How to use the 2017 Toyota Camry's navigation system_oHow to use the 2017 Toyota Camry's navigation system

How to use the 2017 Toyota Camry’s navigation system

Our team at Serra Toyota of Decatur knows how tough it can be to keep up with new vehicle technology. Technology is constantly getting more and more advanced, and as exciting as it is to have more options, learning how to use everything can get quite confusing. If you’re wondering how to use the 2017 Toyota Camry’s navigation system, read on! We’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial.

Using Toyota’s navigation system

The first step to using Toyota’s navigation system is to touch the map on your 2017 Camry’s touchscreen display. This will bring the navigation system to full screen. From here, you can change the view from Bird’s Eye View to forward-facing or even 3D by touching the compass in the top left corner of the screen.

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How to add a destination in Toyota’s navigation system

To input a destination, push the Dest. button. From here, you can either enter an address, go to an address that’s previously been inputted, view your presets, check out your address book or go to a Point of Interest. To add an address, click “Address,” and make sure you enter the state/providence. You can then start entering the address. Once you’ve started entering the address, the navigation system will suggest addresses you may be looking for. If you see the address you are looking for, click it and push “Go.” The preset for the system is to take you on the quickest route, but if you want to take the shortest route in terms of mileage or a scenic route, those are options as well. Once you choose your route, click “Okay” and the navigation system will then begin routing you to your destination.

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If for any reason you need to stray from your route, maybe to get gas or stop for some lunch, click “Options” in the upper left corner of the screen and choose “Pause Guidance.” This will save the address for you, but you won’t have to listen to the repetitive “Recalculating” while you deviate from your route.

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