How far away is the Toyota automated highway driving assist?

How far away is the Toyota Automated Highway Driving Assist?

Automated Driving capability in Toyota vehicles

Toyota has announced that they have been testing a new automated driving test vehicle. The test vehicle, called “Highway Teammate”, has demonstrates capabilities like next-generation safety technology,

The Highway Teammate vehicle represents the dawn of a new age of Toyota cars and will be the start of a brand new relationship between the car and the driver.

Toyota’s vision for the future

“Toyota’s vision is of a world without traffic fatalities, and these advanced connected and automated vehicle technologies hold the potential to revolutionize automotive safety,” said Seigo Kuzumaki, Chief Safety Technology Officer Secretary for Toyota Motor Corporation. “We are committed to bringing advanced active safety systems to market as quickly as possible and will make them accessible to a broad range of drivers.”

Toyota assembly plant in Alabama reaches production milestone

It isn’t some far-flung science fiction idea anymore, the future of automated vehicle technology is here now! Toyota actually hopes they can provide an advanced driving support system that will be available to the general public in the “mid-decade”.

All of this was available at the Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar (TASS) in Ann Arbor, Michigan last month. The seminar provides a glimpse into Toyota’s safety research and development program that spotlights the company’s work to ensure a safe transition into the future driving.

Toyota Automated Driving
Toyota Automated Driving


Toyota’s Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA) system integrates three technologies to make it work: Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Lane Trace Control (LTC) and Predictive & Interactive Human Interface (HMI). These systems support drivers to help keep their vehicle in its lane on the highway at high speeds. The Predictive & Interactive Human Machine Interface promotes driver engagement and monitors the drivers hands on the wheel.

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We have a lot to look forward to with the future of driving technology. Toyota is clearly committed to providing the very best safety technology, every step of the way.