A front left quarter photo of the 2020 Toyota Sienna.

The 2020 Sienna continues its tradition of swagger

How does the 2020 Toyota Sienna compare to other minivans? 

There was a time when minivans ruled school pick-up and drop-off areas. For better or worse, that time has largely passed. Despite the change to buyers’ tastes, minivans like the Toyota Sienna are still the most comfortable way to transport a lot people and/or a lot of cargo. The vehicles remaining in the segment are very closely matched. So, how does the 2020 Toyota Sienna compare to other minivans? Our friends at Toyota have anticipated this question and produced a couple of videos to help answer that question. The 2020 Sienna is the only minivan on the market that offers all-wheel-drive and other features. Take a look at these videos for some additional information. Also, if you’re looking for an even more advanced minivan platform, the 2021 Sienna could be the answer. 

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