Free summer activities in Decatur AL

Free Summer Activities for Kids in Decatur AL

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues, camping, baseball, and so much more! We’d all love to save a few bucks this summer. One of the ways you can save is to bring in your vehicle for service. We can do everything from a quick lube and oil change to a complete vehicle inspection and checkup. Many of the free summer activities in Decatur that we’ve put together are very obvious. If we didn’t have them written down, we’d probably forget about them! Our list covers many free summer activities in Decatur AL and some “nearly free” activities.

Summer fun in Decatur AL

Read a Book (One made of paper)Free summer activities for kids in Decatur AL

We’ve all said it before, “This summer I’m going to read!” While it’s easy to get home after a long day at work, crank the air conditioning and watch TV re-runs, reading a book will feel more rewarding in the end. Plus, you don’t have to spend any money to read a great book. If you’ve never been there before, the Decatur Public Library is located at 504 Cherry St NE, Decatur, AL 35601. The Decatur Public Library offers summer reading programs for kids and teens as well as many other activities for kids.

Go Outside (Seriously!)

Its SO easy to sit in the comfort of your air conditioning and chill. There’s so many things to do in Decatur AL! From the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge to Point Mallard Park, the list of outdoor activities in Decatur AL is almost countless. If you want to feel like you’re outdoors while still technically being indoors, check out the Old Decatur and Albany Historic Driving Tour–there’s even an app to help you out with directions.

Do some choresFree summer events for kids in Decatur AL

Extra spending money is great motivation. Try making a list with your kids and find some ways they can earn some extra money by doing some chores around the house or in the community. There are a host of volunteer efforts in the Decatur AL area that need volunteers.

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