City of Decatur Fall Leaves Pick-Up Information

How Can I Get Rid of Leaves in Morgan County?

City of Decatur Fall Leaves Pick-Up Information

Fall is here, and while that means we get to enjoy all the perks of the season such as pumpkin spice, pumpkin picking, Halloween, and the beautiful fall colors, fall also means that we have to worry about the leaves that fall on our lawns and sidewalks. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you sort out how to get rid of all the leaves you collect from your yard. We’re putting together the City of Decatur fall leaves pick-up information for your convenience!

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Does the City of Decatur have Leaf Collection?

Yes! The city of Decatur offers on-street leaf collection. This usually begins in late October or early November. Leaf machines operate Monday through Friday on a continuous, clockwise route. You can direct any calls regarding pick-up days to the Street & Environmental Services Office.

Tips and Tricks for Leaf Collection

Small Child Playing with Autumn Leaves in Fall
Car driving down road with autumn leaves around

The best thing to do with your leaves is mulch them with your mower a little at a time and leave them on the lawn. OR pile them up on your garden and let them decompose into free nutrients for the soil. However, if you’re going to go the pick-up route, here are a few best practices that you’ll need to know:

  • Do not mix leaf piles with limbs, sticks or other debris. The leaf machines are vacuums and are designed to handle leaves only.
  • Do not put leaf piles near mailboxes. Leaves should be piled along the edge of the lawn behind the curb.
  • Don’t put your leaves in the street, gutter, drainage inlets, or ditches. This creates a safety hazard and can cause flooding.
  • Remove your vehicle from the street to allow for a more efficient cleanup.
  • If you have alley pickup for bulky trash, you may also place the leaves there for pickup by the loader truck.
  • Leaves may also be placed in your city-issued refuse carts, these may be green or gray, for collection on your regular garbage day.

What Happens to the Collected Leaves?

The leaves that are collected by the City of Decatur are windrowed and transformed into mulch. The mulch is available to residents through the Recycling Department at no charge!

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There you have the City of Decatur fall leaves pick-up information to help you get through the season. Looking for a new vehicle this fall? Come see us at Serra Toyota of Decatur for all of your automotive needs. Fall is a great time for a tune-up! You can check out our service department and schedule a time for a check-up. Plus, take a look at all of our new Toyota offerings in our online inventory!