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A stock photo of a person using a manual transmisison.

Are you inadvertently causing damage to your vehicle?

Bad Driving Habits That Can Wreck a Transmission 

The longer we drive, the more bad habits we develop. Whether it’s sending the occasional text message or maybe accelerating too hard from a stop, these behaviors aren’t great and could have some pretty negative consequencesHowever, today we want to focus on bad driving habits that can wreck a transmission. Modern technology has made automobiles more reliable and resilient than ever. Although that isn’t to say damage can’t happen. Obviously, automatic and manual transmission have different modes of operation thus there are different things that can cause damage to them. Our team found a few videos that could be very helpful in holding off any surprise repair bills. If you think there is something wrong with your vehicle, make an appointment today before it gets worse.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A stock photo of a father and two kids picking produce.

Are you struggling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift?

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

If your dad is tough to buy presents for, you are in no way alone. The only harder than finding a gift for the dad who doesn’t seem to like to do much is finding a gift for a father who seemingly likes to do everything. If you’re struggling to find last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas, a few Toyota of Decatur product experts did a little digging around on the internet to find some videos that might be helpful. The first video profiles several gadgets and gizmos that could be exactly the kind of thing that your dad would never buy for himself. Our team also found a video that will walk you through the steps on how to update the time-honored coupon book to add a new level to DIY gift-giving. If there is anything else we can do to help you make your dad’s special day even better, give us a call today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A stock photo of people playing bagpipes in a St. Patrick's Day parade.

Have you locked in your St. Patrick’s Day plans yet?

2020 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Decatur, AL 

Celebrating our Irish heritage, whether official or honorary, is always one of our favorite parts of March. Some members of the Toyota of Decatur team have been discussing the various 2020 St. Patrick’s Day events in Decatur, AL for a while now. It occurred to us that somewhere between a few to many regular readers of the Toyota of Decatur Blog might need some help finding something to do on the day. Our area has something for just about everyone, including an event being held in downtown Decatur that is appropriate for all ages. Our team has also identified a few other events that you might like if you’re going to be busy on any particular day. Let’s see what is available.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Doodle of Land Cruiser

The Full History of Toyota in the United States

Whether you’re a Toyota veteran or a complete newcomer, chances are that you have a basic knowledge of this automaker’s ambitious legacy. From humble origins to international successes, Toyota has grown insurmountably throughout the years. But just how much of the story do you really know? If you want the full history of Toyota in the United States, then keep on reading and check out the included video! While you’re at it, check out our new Toyota inventory, too. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 toyota Corolla Exterior View in Red and Rear View of 2018 Toyota Corolla iM

What Advantages do the Toyota Corolla Trim Levels Have?

2018 Toyota Corolla Model Grade Lineup and Comparison

The new 2018 Toyota Corolla is here and it has a number of features and technologies for you to enjoy. The determinant for what kinds of amenities you find in your Corolla depends heavily upon which trim level you choose. This is why we’re putting togher the 2018 Toyota Corolla model grade lineup and comparison. This way, you’ll be able to see what each trim offers you and make an informed decision on which is best for your lifestyle.

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Woman Pulling Turkey out of the Oven

What Restaurants are Open for Thanksgiving 2017 near Decatur AL?

Places to Eat During the 2017 Holiday Season in Jefferson County

Some of us don’t like cooking for the holidays. Thanksgiving is a food-centric holiday, but sometimes, you just don’t want to go through all of the effort of cooking an elaborate meal. Wondering what you’ll do instead? Looking for a backup plan in case the meal preparations go south? We’re putting together a list of places to eat during the 2017 holiday season in Jefferson County so you can find an alternative choice to cooking at home.

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2018 Toyota Tacoma Driving Down Dirt Road Gray Exterior

The Toyota Tacoma is back for a new Model Year!

2018 Toyota Tacoma Updates to Design Features and Safety Equipment

The Toyota Tacoma is back for a new model year! For the 2018 version of this midsize truck, you’ll find a host of upgrades in this Tacoma including driver-assistive safety and styling. Check out the 2018 Toyota Tacoma updates to design features and safety equipment.

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Advantages of downloading Toyota Owners mobile app

Why should I download the Toyota app?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Toyota Owners mobile app, and our team here at Serra Toyota of Decatur wanted to know why. We were on a mission to find out what features make this app so powerful and popular, and we were impressed with what we found out. You know we love to fill you in on all sorts of tips and tricks, so read on to find out why the Toyota Owners mobile app is a necessity for all Toyota drivers. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Camry LE vs 2017 Toyota Camry XLE

2017 Toyota Camry LE vs XLE trim comparison

Choosing a new vehicle involves making a whole bunch of tough decisions. Once you decide on a make and model, you’ll have to choose a trim level. If you’re in the market for a 2017 Toyota Camry, you might be wondering which of the seven available trim options is the best for you. Our team at Serra Toyota of Decatur wants your car shopping experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible, so we’ve put together a detailed comparison of two of the most popular Camry trim levels: the LE and XLE. Read the rest of this entry >>