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A photo of the hybrid badge used by several Toyota hybrid vehicles.

New Toyota hybrids offer excellent fuel economy estimates

Fuel Economy Estimates for the 2021 Toyota Sienna/Venza 

It has been just over a month since Toyota pulled back the curtain on its new newest hybrid vehicles, the 2021 models of the Toyota Sienna minivan and the all-new Toyota Venza crossover SUV. As hybrid vehicles, the fuel economy estimates for the 2021 Toyota Sienna and Venza have become very important information to prospective buyers contacting Toyota of Decatur. It will still be a little while before the exact figures are released by Toyota or the federal government. However, Toyota has given us a peek at what these two innovative vehicles will be able to deliver to customers. Naturally, the team of product experts working in the Toyota of Decatur showroom is very eager to get this information into as many hands as possible.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A photo of three 2021 Toyota Sienna models by some mountains.

The 2021 Sienna makes some very important changes for the coming model year

Performance and Fuel Economy Estimates for the 2021 Toyota Sienna 

The Toyota Sienna already makes a strong case for being the most capable minivan on the market today. In fact, it is not terribly uncommon for a Toyota of Decatur customers to trade-in their current Sienna for the newest model available in the showroom. We have recently received the performance and fuel economy estimates for the 2021 Toyota Sienna and when potential customers get a chance to read them, our team anticipates this cycle continuing for another model year. It has been a few years since the Sienna got a facelift from Toyota and the 2021 model will stand out from previous model years with a bold exterior aesthetic and a wealth of new features. Let’s take a look at what buyers can expect to see.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A front left quarter photo of the 2020 Toyota Sienna.

The 2020 Sienna continues its tradition of swagger

How does the 2020 Toyota Sienna compare to other minivans? 

There was a time when minivans ruled school pick-up and drop-off areas. For better or worse, that time has largely passed. Despite the change to buyers’ tastes, minivans like the Toyota Sienna are still the most comfortable way to transport a lot people and/or a lot of cargo. The vehicles remaining in the segment are very closely matched. So, how does the 2020 Toyota Sienna compare to other minivans? Our friends at Toyota have anticipated this question and produced a couple of videos to help answer that question. The 2020 Sienna is the only minivan on the market that offers all-wheel-drive and other features. Take a look at these videos for some additional information. Also, if you’re looking for an even more advanced minivan platform, the 2021 Sienna could be the answer.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A close up photo of the Sienna badge used on the hybrid version of the 2021 Toyota Sienna.

Get ready for some new members of the Toyota family for 2021

What are the new 2021 Toyota hybrid vehicles? 

Toyota might be more closely associated with hybrid vehicles than any other automaker today. On May 18, the automaker held an exciting presentation at its facility in Plano, Texas to unveil some new fuel-saving vehicle options. So, what are the new 2021 Toyota hybrid vehicles? First, the manufacturer is reviving the Venza name, as an all new midsize crossover SUV that is only available as a hybrid. Next up, Toyota is adapting the Sienna to meet the needs of families by offering it with a hybrid version. There is some preliminary information available about both of these vehicles and Toyota of Decatur product experts are very excited to let customers know about both of vehicles. Let’s take a look at what they found.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Black 2020 Toyota Sienna

Can I Fold Down the Seats in a 2020 Toyota Sienna?

2020 Toyota Sienna Cargo Capacity and Convenience Features

The 2020 Toyota Sienna is the ultimate family vehicle. From its spacious interior and versatile seating to its impressive lineup of convenience features, the Sienna is sure to impress every passenger. But just how much space does the Sienna have to offer? Continue reading this guide from Serra Toyota of Decatur to find out how much space opens up when you fold down the seats in a 2020 Toyota Sienna. Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Sienna Driving

Refined Style in 2020 Toyota Sienna

2020 Toyota Sienna Interior and Exterior Color Options

Not only does the 2020 Toyota Sienna show off aggressive features like its upper and lower grille openings, but it defines style and power with its nine exterior color options. Six trim-specific interior selections are spread among the 10 Sienna model options – L, LE, LE with Auto Access Seat, SE, SE Premium, XLE, XLE with Auto Access Seat, XLE Premium, Limited, and Limited Premium – to give every model a unique touch. Continue reading to get a look at how the stylish and athletic 2020 Toyota Sienna wears its different interior and exterior color options. Read the rest of this entry >>

Blue 2019 Toyota Sienna in front of park

Does the Toyota Sienna Come with a CD Player?

2019 Toyota Sienna Infotainment and Technology Features

A key factor when it comes to choosing a new vehicle is if it is equipped with the entertainment features you and your family are looking for. The family-friendly 2019 Toyota Sienna checks all of the boxes in the entertainment field, ensuring you and your family are always kept entertained. You may be wondering if the Toyota Sienna comes with a CD player, DVD player, Bluetooth®, or other key features. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the 2019 Toyota Sienna infotainment and technology features. Read the rest of this entry >>

Apple CarPlay® in 2019 Toyota Camry

Toyota Offers Apple CarPlay® and Amazon Alexa® Retrofit on 2018 Camry and Sienna

How Can I Add Apple CarPlay® to My 2018 Toyota?

Have you ever wondered how you can add Apple CarPlay® to your 2018 Toyota? Toyota has announced the expansion of Apple CarPlay® and Amazon Alexa® compatibility to the 2018 Toyota Camry and 2018 Toyota Sienna. Drivers can now visit Serra Toyota of Decatur or any local Toyota dealership to have the systems installed on their 2018 Camry or 2018 Sienna. Not sure what exactly these systems do? Continue reading to find out how having Apple CarPlay® and Amazon Alexa® compatibility in your 2018 Toyota can benefit you.

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2019 Toyota Sienna Interior View of Cargo Space

How much cargo space is in the 2019 Toyota Sienna?

It’s no secret that the Toyota Sienna is a sensational vehicle. Let’s face it, this minivan has been cramming cargo for decades, and, all the while, it’s been doing so better than the competition. Better yet, its features and technology systems are always state-of-the-art. In other words, whatever you and your crew may hope to find in your next family car, the Toyota Sienna has you covered. Of course, if you’re interested in a minivan, then your household is probably full of love, little ones, and—more than enough—stuff. In that case, you’re going to need as much cargo space as possible. Like we said, the 2019 Toyota Sienna has you covered! So, exactly how much cargo space is in the 2019 Toyota Sienna? As always, we have everything you need to know, so keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry >>