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Closeup of hybrid badging on 2020 Toyota Highlander hybrid

How Much Will a Toyota Hybrid Battery Cost Me?

Toyota Hybrid Battery Life Expectancy and Replacement Costs

When customers in the Decatur area come to Toyota of Decatur looking for a new vehicle, many have questions surrounding the idea of switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle. Many questions are often about the price of vehicle maintenance and upkeep, as well as how the performance life of the vehicle compares to that of a traditional gas-powered vehicle. This guide is going to dive into Toyota hybrid battery life expectancy and replacement costs to help you get an idea of how owning a Toyota hybrid vehicle will compare to a traditional model.   Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota Prius Exterior Side View in Blue

What is new for the 2018 Prius C?

2018 Toyota Prius C Upgrades to Exterior Design and Standard Technologies

The 2018 version of the affordable hybrid is here and we’re excited to tell you all that you can expect from the new Prius C. This model has built a reputation on being stylish, fun-to-drive, and full of value. For the new model year, Toyota expands upon standard technologies and upgrades the exterior design to make this model even more beneficial for drivers. Check out the 2018 Toyota Prius C upgrades to exterior design and standard technologies!

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Which Toyota Models get Over 30 MPG?

Fuel Efficient Toyota Vehicles for Earth Day 2017

Which Toyota Models get Over 30 MPG?

Earth Day is around the corner and we’re excited to put together a list of some of the Toyota models that are our most efficient vehicles. There are a ton of Toyota vehicles that help you save money at the gas pump and help you contain your carbon footprint a bit. Take a look at these vehicle below!

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Which Toyota Models get Over 30 MPG?

What Colors does the new 2017 Prius C come in?

2017 Toyota Prius C Color and Trim Level Options

The 2017 Toyota Prius C color and trim level options give you the opportunity to make your vehicle represent your own personal style. The Prius C is the compact version of the Prius, but the “C” also stands for customization. Check out your options below.

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