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Worried about working from home? These tips could make things a little easier

New Tips for Working From Home 

Keeping our distance from others is one of the only ways we have to stem the transmission of COVID-19. To accomplish many offices have closed and people are setting up temporary offices in kitchens, living room or anywhere they can carve out a space. Since this is a going to be a big change for people, our team did a little research to find some new tips for working from home. The videos we found came from various sources, all of which have a different take on the subject. Everyone at Toyota of Decatur wants to make sure that you and your family is as safe as possible. If there is something we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Community Heroes Receive Vehicle Service Discounts with Serra’s Local Heroes Special

Local Law Enforcement, Teacher Vehicle Discounts in Decatur AL

Needing vehicle service can be a burden on car owners, especially when it is least expected. Luckily for local law enforcement personnel and local teachers, Serra Toyota of Decatur offers the Local Heroes Special each week to help members of the community afford vehicle services. Continue reading to learn about how community heroes receive vehicle service discounts with Serra’s Local Heroes Special in the Decatur area. Read the rest of this entry >>

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What is included with the ToyoGuard Platinum Package?

It’s essential to know that you have a dealership team by your side that is ready and willing to keep your Toyota vehicle running well long past your date of purchase. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Serra Toyota of Decatur, as we offer incredible benefits for all your service needs as part of the ToyoGuard Platinum Package, which provides you additional services after your ToyotaCare plan expires. If you’re interested in this, you may be wondering, “What is included with the ToyoGuard Platinum Package?”  Read the rest of this entry >>

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What do I do if my Vehicle has been Damaged by Weather?

Storm and Hail Damage Repair and Restoration in Decatur AL

Weather is a force outside of our control. Sometimes it produces the most beautiful sunshine we can image, and other times it produces storms. We must deal with all types of situations, but luckily for you, our team here at Serra Toyota of Decatur can help you weather the storm and get back out on the road. We are your storm and hail damage repair and restoration center in Decatur, AL.

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How Do I Protect my Toyota Vehicle?

Toyotaguard Service Benefits and Features Decatur AL

What do you do when your initial ToyotaCare® coverage expires? You still have your vehicle, and you still want to protect your investment. This is where Toyotaguard services from Serra Toyota of Decatur come into play. This program helps drivers to get further coverage on their vehicle even after their initial ToyotaCare® program has ended. We’re taking a look at the various Toyotaguard service benefits and features in Decatur, AL.

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Toyota Rent-a-Car Program Decatur AL

What are the Benefits of Renting a Toyota Vehicle?

Here at Serra Toyota of Decatur, we’re excited to announce the introduction of the Toyota Rent-a-Car program! This new initiative lets drivers rent a Toyota vehicle for an affordable price. There are many benefits of this renting service and for this post, we’re going to detail what the benefits are of renting a Toyota vehile. Take a look!

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Serra Toyota of Decatur Hosts Turkey for our Heroes

Thanksgiving 2017 Event for First Responders in Decatur AL

This year, Serra Toyota of Decatur is giving back to those who serve with their Turkey for our Heroes event. This cookout is dedicated to first responders and their families as a way of saying thank you. On Friday, November 17th, you can help us recognize the men and women that keep our community safe.

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Tricks and Tips for Back-to-School Car Shopping

How can I Pick the Best Car for my Student?

Tricks and Tips for Back-to-School Car Shopping

When your children go off to school, or get their license for the first time, it is common place to want to provide them with a reliable and safe vehicle that they can drive for the duration of their academic career. But sometimes, this process can seem difficult. Which car is right? How much should you pay? How many cars should you look at? These questions can all be answered with our tricks and tips for back-to-school car shopping. Take a look at our suggestions!

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Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Morgan County Area

Where can I get Used Cars near Decatur AL?

Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Morgan County Area

Here at Serra Toyota of Decatur, we provide our customers with as many choices as possible so that they can find the right model for them. Alongside our traditional new Toyota sales, we also house an extensive inventory of used cars that vary in make, model, and body style. Take a look at our pre-owned vehicles in the Morgan County area from Serra Toyota of Decatur.

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Tips and Tricks for Trading in your Car

How Can I Figure out my Trade-In Value?

Tips and Tricks for Trading in your Car

Before you go to the dealership to trade in your old vehicle, you need to collect some information about your current model first. This will help you figure out what kind of model you can afford and how much your trade-in will help you when it comes to the financial side of the car-shopping process. Take a look at our tips and tricks for trading in your car!

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