Car Buying Process in Decatur AL

Changing the Car Buying Process

Toyota and Scion want to change the way car buying is done

We have already discussed Scion’s revolutionary Pure Price system, but Toyota has even bigger ideas. At some dealerships, the car buying process can be long and difficult. Negotiating the vehicle’s price usually ranks at the top of the list.

Today, you can basically do everything online except sign on the dotted line and drive away. Toyota is moving car buying in the direction of the approach of Apple or

Scion has given the names of its latest models the iA sedan and iM five-door hatchback car, similarly named like a new piece of technology. Many of the Scion Pure Process buyers typically spend less than two hours buying a new car. Their goal is to take the average car buying time under an hour. There aren’t too many products left that you cannot buy on the internet.

Change the car buying process in Decatur ALToyota will be the first manufacturer to make this step, one that could be the future of the auto industry. Not only millennials, but the growing number of regular internet shoppers are getting used the ease of online shopping. Department store chains, like Best Buy, have been realizing this for years. In the next decade, the Internet, and the Internet of Things (IoT), will completely change the auto industry. While it may seem futuristic and complicated right now, our cars will become more efficient, smarter and safer. While this reality is a few years away, Toyota is eager to jump in early.

A streamlined buying process

Toyota wants to transform car buying to mirror what buying an Apple product looks like. The process will be tested with the Scion brand. The last time Scion added to its lineup was 2012. There will no doubt be challenges along the way — owning car is much different than owning an iPad.

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