Car Battery Protection

Car Battery Heat Protection

Protecting your car battery when the mercury rises

Do you know how hot your vehicle can get when the mercury rises over 90 degrees in the summer? Maybe you’re looking for car battery heat protection from overheating. Overheating can become common place during the sweltering Alabama summer months, more so than our neighbors to the North. If you do find yourself in the position where you see your engine heating up on the road, there are a few ways you can fix it.

If you see the temperature gauge rushing to red, crank up the heat immediately (seriously). Sometimes in the summer, your A/C can put a lot of strain on your engine. If you’re able to crank up the heat in time, you’ll be able to draw some of the heat away from the engine area. If it’s too uncomfortable to drive with the windows open and the heat blasted, pull over immediately. Once you pull over, don’t open the hood just yet, especially if you see steam rising from the engine. Wait about 30 minutes before you pop the hood. Or if you’d rather be safe than sorry, call a pro!

Not only can the heat wreak havoc on your engine, but it can quickly damage your battery.

A TrueStart battery can maximize your battery life in the heat by getting the right combination of cranking and reserve power.

When is it time to replace your battery?

  • If your battery is over three years old
  • If your battery is over its warranty
  • If your vehicle has had to be jump started recently
  • If your lights dim when you heater or air-conditioning turn on
  • If there is corrosion on your cables and battery

Toyota TrueStart batteries are designed to provide reliable performance no matter if you live in a warm or cold climate. Toyota TrueStart batteries as well as a number of other manufacturer approved parts can be order right now through our website. Of course, we can talk to you about any OEM parts at our service department with one of our service advisers.

A TrueStart battery is actually the only warranty replacement battery that has been approved for your Toyota. It has an 84-month warranty with a 24-month free replacement.