Best Super Bowl 2017 Dips and Dishes

Easy Recipes to get you Ready for the Big Game

Best Super Bowl 2017 Dips and Dishes

Are you ready for the 2017 Super Bowl? If not, don’t worry, you will be after you take a look at our best Super Bowl 2017 dips and dishes. We’re compiling a list of easy and fun treats that you can make for the big game! They’re football-themed and party-friendly! Take a look.

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Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Stadium

We’re gonna start with our favorite, and the most ambitious football snack on our list, the ultimate Super Bowl snack stadium. Now, while this isn’t a recipe per say, it is a creative way to present the food you’re serving at your football viewing party. This may seem daunting, but don’t fear, you can easily adapt this tutorial to fit smaller set ups. Get creative this game day!

Pigskin in a Blanket

We all know about pigs in a blanket, right? They’re a game day staple and a super easy recipe to follow. But this game day, try a little twist on this traditional football fare. Go for a pigskin in a blanket. Simply prepare the pigs in a blanket like you normally would, but instead of baking them in rows and then putting them in a bowl or on a platter, bake them in the form of a football!

Pretzel Ring Beer Cheese Dip

This recipe is easy and supplies both the bread and the dip. This is a tasty staple at many football gatherings. The dip is fantastic, and even if you don’t want to have the pretzel bread, you can substitute many other snacks to dip. Try this recipe with chips, celery, or crackers! It goes great on everything.

Chicken Poppers 4 Ways

We all know that chicken wings are a football fare staple. But, these chicken poppers are a great way to cut down on mess and up the convenience level. They’re made from chicken breasts, so there aren’t any bones to deal with. Plus, they can easily be eaten with a fork, so you don’t have to stock up on the wet wipes or worry about the mess. Test this treat out!

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Now that you’re well versed in the best Super Bowl dips and dishes, get excited for the big game! While you’re here, be sure to check out our selection of new Toyota models in our online inventory. We have some great models for your new tailgating vehicle! Then, you can schedule a test drive with our online scheduling tool. Happy snacking and football watching!