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Toyota Commits to Cleaner Mobility and Reducing Emissions

Are Toyota Vehicles Eco Friendly?

With each new vehicle purchase, drivers are looking to continue to improve their driving experience and, likely, their vehicle’s impact. When shopping for a new car a lot of drivers are looking for an eco-friendly option that will give them peace of mind on the road. Now, you may be wondering if Toyota vehicles are eco-friendly. This guide is going to break down the Toyota brand’s commitment to creating cleaner mobility and offering eco-friendly vehicle options to drivers everywhere.

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Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Closeup of 2019 Toyota Prius Prime charging

The Toyota brand has a commitment to reducing its carbon output in the U.S. and has entered Virtual Power Purchase Agreements in order to do so. These agreements Toyota has entered will be used to reduce the emissions produced by North American Toyota operations by up to 40% over the coming three years. These agreements are just another step towards completing the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 goal, which is to cut global emissions from plant operations down to zero by 2050.

The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 sets out to complete six objectives for Toyota operations by the year 2050. Some of those objectives include eliminating all CO2 emission from the vehicle life cycle and to have zero emissions at all of the Toyota manufacturing plants worldwide, to eliminate all the CO2 emissions from the brand’s suppliers and logistics streams, and to implement a protocol for water discharge and to minimize water usage overall.

Environmentally Friendly Toyota Cars

In the brand’s commitment to improving the impact of automobiles on the environment, Toyota offers eight eco-friendly vehicles in its lineup in addition to their traditional gas-powered vehicles. The Toyota lineup includes six hybrid vehicles, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, and fuel cell electric vehicle. Each of these vehicles has been designed to reduce their impact on the environment while offering an efficient performance. The Toyota hybrid lineup includes the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The Toyota Prius Prime is a traditional plug-in hybrid vehicle and the Toyota Mirai is the sole fuel cell electric Toyota vehicle.

White 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Red 2019 Toyota Prius Prime Charging

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If you are looking to improve your impact on the environment, consider an eco-friendly vehicle from Toyota. The Toyota brand continues to better its impact and reduce its carbon output while creating affordable and reliable eco-friendly vehicles. Find your next Toyota vehicle in the Serra Toyota of Decatur online inventory.