Are fireworks legal in Alabama?

Are Fireworks Legal in Alabama?

Alabama Fireworks Laws

For many of us in Alabama, the 4th of July mean friends, family, baseball, and barbecue. For others, it means fireworks! From sprinklers to Roman candles, there’s a lot of precautions that need to be taken before you even think about purchasing consumer fireworks. Are fireworks legal in Alabama? YES. Alabama allows many types of consumer fireworks. Before you run to the nearest roadside fireworks stand, you should verify if fireworks are allowed in the city or area you live.
Fireworks in Decatur AL 2016
According to Section 8-17-222 of the existing fireworks laws in Alabama, anyone under the age of 16 years old is not allowed to purchase fireworks unless accompanied by an adult. Any individual thought to be intoxicated or irresponsible may be denied the sale of fireworks as well. Shooting fireworks to explode within 600 feet of any church, public school, asylum…or any enclosed building is not legal.Are fireworks in Alabama illegal? There is a period of time in which firework sale is legal. Specifically, New Years and Fourth of July summer activities are accommodated for the legal sale of fireworks.

Here’s a list of fireworks that are allowed in Alabama with permit, sometimes referred to as “common fireworks”:

  • Trick noisemakers
  • Toy novelties
  • Toy smoke devices
  • Sparklers
  • Toy snakes
  • Snappers
  • Auto burglar alarms
  • Smoke balls
  • Smoke novelty items
  • wire sparklers (not over 100 grams of composition per item)

Here’s an important section to pay attention to in the Alabama laws for fireworks:

Section 8-17-218

All items of fireworks which exceed the 2 grain limit of D.O.T. Class C common fireworks as to explosive composition, such items being commonly referred to as ‘illegal ground salutes’ designed to produce an audible effect, are expressly prohibited from shipment into, manufacture, possession, sale, and use within the state of Alabama for any purpose.

The restrictions above do not interfere with any firework displays during the Fourth of July in Alabama. When you’re out and about on the Fourth of July in Alabama, please remember that safety is first! Take the same care and precaution with your Fourth of July fireworks as we would take with your vehicle in our service department. When you take time to prepare for road trips or the summer driving season, accidents or breakdown are less likely to happen.