Apps That Prevent Texting and Driving Huntsville

Texting and Driving Prevention

Apps That Prevent Texting And Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are not a secret. You already knew that. But we need to be reminded again and again. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, when a driver “glances” at a text, they take their eyes off of the road for an average of five seconds. At high speeds, your vehicle can travel the length of a football field in only five seconds! Unfortunately, the only way some of us will curb this bad habit is a near death collision. Luckily, a host of apps that prevent texting and driving have been developed.

The 2015 lineup of Toyota vehicles has great safety ratings, but changing driving habits can go a long way to making lasting driver safety changes and can help you save on service over the life of you vehicle for minor bumps and dings. Many of the apps listed below were developed to target teenagers who have less driving experience and are attached to their smartphones. Toyota encourages parents of driving age teenagers to take a pledge to be the driver you want your teens to become. Through the Toyota TeenDrive365 program parents and educators can take the pledge and study up on what they can do to prevent texting and driving.

We have all been there; at a stop light or on a untraveled road and look at our smartphone notifications. Sometimes, the best way to stop texting and driving is by removing the temptation altogether. Thankfully, our suggested apps are not the only ones on the market. Search your app store and find the one that’s right for you or your teen driver.

OMW On My Way App

This app lets users share their location and track their journey with friends in real time. Enter in your coordinates and friends can track your drive in real-time. Other similar applications also exist across all smartphone app stores.

DriveMode App

Curb the urge to text and drive with this “out of office” notification type application from AT&T. This app includes all-important parental alerts that notify parents or guardians if various DriveMode settings have been disabled. DriveMode sends out an auto reply text to senders that the driver is on the road and unable to talk.

DriveScribe App

A great app for parents or guardians, the DriveScribe application lets parents access a report to see if their teen has exceeded any speed limits or blown through stop signs. This is a great app for parents who want to take a hands-on approach to curbing texting and driving.