Android Auto and Toyota

Will the Android Auto system be available in your new Toyota?

Google has partnered with auto companies to extend the Android operating system into your vehicle. With Android Auto, you get all of the connected apps and services from Android in optimized for your vehicle. Will Android Auto work with Toyota Prius or other Toyota vehicles?

Will Android Auto work with Toyota Prius?Google voice technology that is used in the vehicle is better than ever. You can keep your hands on the wheel at all times and communicate with Android Auto. Open to developers, drivers will constantly be able to experience new features. Android Auto Toyota vehicle integration would be designed to provide access to apps and hands-free capabilities, similar to the Toyota Entune infotainment system.

We are only at the beginning when it comes to the technical revolution that is about to happen in our vehicles. Systems like Android Auto and its competitor, Apple CarPlay, are only the beginning.

Our smartphone and smartwatches are already being used to replace key fobs or to stream music wirelessly. Both of these systems are available on a variety of car makers, but Toyota is taking its time (and with good reason!).

Why Toyota is sticking with Entune?

Currently, Toyota does not have any plans to integrate Android Auto or Apple CarPlay into their vehicles; but that’s OK! Toyota’s Entune Infotainment system is more than capable of providing excellent entertainment and navigational features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not free from problems. With continuous updates to smartphone operating systems, these systems have been seeing compatibility issues.

Another reason why some consumers will applaud Toyota’s decision to shun CarPlay and Auto is ever growing privacy fears. Apple and Google will no doubt feel free to help themselves to track vehicles and sell advertisements to third-parties. Others are also wearing that choosing between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may have unintended consequences like dealerships pushing for folks toward and iPhone or Android device.