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Here is what you need to know about the Alabama stay at home order

Alabama Stay at Home Order FAQs 

We are about a week into a widespread shutdown of businesses in the state of Alabama. There are still a few questions a lot people are having about the new era we are living through.  Many of the same questions you are having at home have come up with some people working at the Toyota of Decatur showroom. In order to avoid as much confusion as possible, we have put together this quick reference sheet of Alabama Stay at Home Order FAQs. As it applies to operations at Toyota of Decatur, we are still open as usual, offering a full slate of sales and service options. However, if that were to change, we will let you know through our website. Let’s see if we can answer some important questions about what is happening in other areas. 

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What does social distancing actually mean? 

While we wait for a vaccine, the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay away from other people. Social distancing is summarized in the order from Gov. Kay Ivey as keeping non-work-related gatherings to 10 people or fewer, if not outright avoiding groups at all. If you need to be around other people, stay at least six feet away from them. 

Are grocery stores still open? 

Even though we’re going to be staying home more until the pandemic subsides, we still need to eat. Your usual grocery store might have adjusted its hours, but they will remain open.

Big box stores like Walmart and Target are also exempt from the state’s list of closed businesses. This means that people will still be able to get almost everything they will need to remain comfortable while remaining at home. 

Can kids go outside and play? 

Since schools have been closed for the remainder of the year, parents will need to balance continuing their kids’ education with working from home while also maintaining sanity. The Alabama Stay at Home order doesn’t preclude people from venturing outside. Parks will remain open, but playgrounds will be closed. If you take your kids outside to play, just make sure to avoid gathering in groups or getting closer than six feet from one another. 

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