2017 Toyota Corolla anniversary colors

50th Anniversary 2017 Corolla brings exclusive features

2017 Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary color options

Based on the exciting new 2017 Corolla, the 50th Anniversary Special Edition package highlights the Corolla’s decades long commitment to providing the most trusted car on the market. The new 50th Anniversary Corolla has a variety of exclusive feature. There are also new 2017 Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary color options. This Special Edition Corolla will be available in the Black Cherry, Classic Silver, and Blizzard Pearl. The Black Cherry color is exclusive to the Anniversary Edition.

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2017 Toyota Hybrid horsepower numbers

Toyota Camry Hybrid combines power and efficiency in 2017

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid horsepower

With a host of newly available standard features, the 2017 Toyota Camry is well on its way to maintaining its spot as the top-selling passenger car for the 15th straight year. The 2017 Camry and Camry Hybrid offer incredible capability and dependability when compared to other midsize sedans. The 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid horsepower numbers have been released and they are quite impressive!

The Camry Hybrid can put out an impressive 200 horsepower and produce 200 pound-feet of torque with the help of its electric motor. Let’s dive in deeper to see what the Camry Hybrid has to offer in 2017.

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Toyota Intelligent Park Assist (IPA)

2016 Toyota Prius shows off new safety features

How to use Toyota Intelligent Park Assist

Toyota’s Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) system is designed to help drivers park by measuring open parking spaces and automatically steering the car into the parking spot. We’ll break down the steps outlined in an informational Toyota video to tell you how to use Toyota Intelligent Park Assist or “IPA”. IPA is available on select new 2016 models, including the all-new 2016 Toyota Prius.

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2016 Camry vs 2016 Malibu comparison

2016 Toyota Camry vs Chevy Malibu

The world of midsize sedans has seen competition increase, not only inside its segment, but from compact crossovers who attempt to offer many of the same types of features. The Camry and Malibu have been two of highest regarded midsize sedans for years. Offering plenty of space, exceptional fuel economy, and a fun-to-drive spirit, it’s easy to see why people compare the 2016 Toyota Camry and Chevy Malibu on a regular basis.

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