2015 Father's Day events near Decatur AL

2015 Father’s Day Events in Decatur AL

Dad’s favorite day is right around the corner!

Don’t forget about Dad on his special day! All of the folks at Serra Toyota of Decatur cannot wait to celebrate this day with our loved ones. We have compiled a list of 2015 Father’s Day events in Decatur AL to help get the celebratory festivities started. While it’s never a hassle at Toyota of Decatur, you could put a smile on Dad’s face after you tell him you had his oil changed, or fixed his broken wiper in our service department. It’s easier than ever to schedule service online! Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Scion FR-S price in Decatur AL

Scion FR-S Price in Decatur AL

Prices for the new 2016 Scion FR-S are now available

The 2016 Scion FR-S price in Decatur AL has recently been released by the manufacturer. With a new year and brand new style, shoppers will find the 2016 Scion FR-S better than ever. But before the new 2016 model debuts later this year at Toyota Scion of Decatur, we would encourage shoppers who thirst for a sports car experience to come check out the FR-S models we currently have in stock.

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Free summer activities in Decatur AL

Free Summer Activities for Kids in Decatur AL

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues, camping, baseball, and so much more! We’d all love to save a few bucks this summer. One of the ways you can save is to bring in your vehicle for service. We can do everything from a quick lube and oil change to a complete vehicle inspection and checkup. Many of the free summer activities in Decatur that we’ve put together are very obvious. If we didn’t have them written down, we’d probably forget about them! Our list covers many free summer activities in Decatur AL and some “nearly free” activities.

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Summer jobs in Decatur AL

Summer Jobs in Decatur AL

Are you looking for a summer job in Decatur?

Temporary summer jobs in Decatur AL are more difficult to find than ever. Many businesses that offered a host of seasonal jobs in the past have pushed those duties on to full- or part-time employees or have eliminated them completely. Summer or seasonal employee is typically tough work. Whether the job revolves around data entry in an office building or shoveling dirt for landscaping business, you’ve got to be willing to do the tough jobs.

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2015 Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

2015 Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

Memorial Day in Decatur is always an event!

Celebrate Memorial Day in Decatur AL like never before at the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic. Come down to Serra Toyota of Decatur to pilot a new 2015 Toyota before you watch the colorful hot air balloons take off; just like the new 2015 Corolla! Not only is this a hot air balloon festival in Decatur AL, but it features a host of other events and activities. In addition to the main attractions, there will be plenty of food and drink from a multitude of vendors.

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Will Toyota Entune work with the Apple Watch?

Will Toyota Entune Work with the Apple Watch?

Toyota Entune and Apple Watch

Car applications and integrated touch screens are still relatively new in the world of automakers. Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto have yet to be refined and have also been highly anticipated by tech fans. Toyota’s Entune mobile application debuted back in 2012. This application can be downloaded on an iOS or Android smartphone to run apps like iHeartRadio and Pandora on your Toyota touchscreen. Instead of struggling with your smartphone, you can just use your favorite apps directly on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Consumers are now asking, will Toyota Entune work with the Apple Watch?

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Memorial Day weekend events in Decatur AL

Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Events in Decatur AL

Enjoy all of the events surrounding 2015 Memorial Day weekend near Decatur!

There’s plenty of activities happening in Alabama for the entire family on Memorial Day weekend. Families looking to attend one of the great Memorial Day weekend 2015 events in Decatur AL should take a look at our list below. Serra Toyota of Decatur is very active in community involvement. Our employees love getting out and experiencing everything that our area has to offer.

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